About BJ Gonzalvo

BJ Gonzalvo is an organizational psychologist with a doctorate earned from Walden University  (Minneapolis, MN) in 2010, and a Bachelor's of Arts from the University of Washington. He wrote his dissertation on the acculturation of Filipino immigrant nurses. He has experience serving in various organizations including the military, public sector, and nonprofit. He's currently the manager of a human capital analytics program at a large HR agency.  Prior to this post, he was a Department of Defense research fellow in Washington, DC where he got the opportunity to work on researching various military workforce issues such as career satisfaction, retention, and work/life balance. He's a military veteran who served in the US Navy and in the Air Force Reserves as a Psychology Technician. 

Giving back to the communities that have given him support throughout his years is important to BJ. He currently volunteers as a management consultant, researching and studying leadership and volunteer engagement. 

Being Filipino American is a source of pride and it gives him a sense of belonging and so BJ often volunteers for various Filipino organizations and events particularly those held by the Filipino American National Historical Society (FANHS).  

His Catholic faith is his source of strength and happiness and so BJ often volunteers as a catechist and as a musician.  

BJ was born and raised in Los Banos, Laguna, Philippines. He moved to Seattle, WA with his parents and younger brother when he was 15 years old. After graduating from high school, being a relatively new immigrant with no specific direction in life and with zero savings for college tuition despite working a total of 50 hours a week (25 part-time hours at 2 different fast food chains), the military became his number one career option.  It also helped to have 2 uncles who were in the US military to look up to and follow after. The military turned out to be a wonderful opportunity for BJ.  He got to travel to many places and meet many people from different parts of the world. The military taught him discipline, it gave him an amazing work experience, and it gave him the resources to pursue his studies. His service in the military, serving alongside some of the most courageous and dedicated individuals, is something that he is very proud of.

He's the author of Lessons in Leadership From the Saints (Westbow Press, 2017). He regularly writes for Mind & Spirit Magazine, Northwest Catholic, and WeAreKubo. He is currently working on 2 books: (1) Varieties of Religious Experience of Filipinos in America (in collaboration with FANHS) and (2) Leadership Development Training with the Saints (to be published by Hope and Life Press in early 2018).

BJ lives with his wife and 2 young kids in Mill Creek, WA.  BJ considers himself blessed to be able to do so many fun things, but for him, nothing tops the quality time he gets to spend with his wife and kids. His most favorite activity of all is to hang out with his family and, as Pope Francis put it, "waste time together."

Looking for collaborators and contributors: Varieties of Religious Experience of Filipinos in America

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